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Drainage Pipe Relining & Drainage Pipe Replacement

Broken drainage pipes can be a serious problem that more often than not need to be fixed as quickly as possible whether it be in a domestic or commercial property – using drain relining techniques we can do just that

Drainage problems can present a health hazard as well as creating and unpleasant atmosphere to be in. We always endeavour to find the most cost effective options for customers and one of the most effective answers is pipe relining. By means of CCTV camera surveys we can quickly identify where the split or crack which is causing the problem is located. Next a deflated airbag in a flexible tube of liner material is fed into the damaged section of drain and then inflated to fit tightly within the drain. The liner is then coated with a special resin that adheres to the drain and sets “rock hard” when heated and cooled. Deflating and removing the airbag afterwards leaves a perfect smooth repair to the drainage pipe.

Pipe Relining in Sydney

Pipe re-lining allows you to restore the structural integrity of a pipe without excavating. Damage to the pipe may have been caused by root intrusion, partial collapse / hole in pipe or leakage from or into the pipe. All of these problems can be solved by re-lining.

The key benefits of relining are that it’s simple, does not disturb the surrounding area and the pipe capacity stays the same most times improving the flow.

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