Drain Cleaning & Repairs

Drain Cleaning & Repairs

Drain cleaning is relatively painless and simple. First, our technician clears out the pipe and determines the origin of the clog whether it is outside or inside the home. After clearing the clog, the pipe may be inspected using a camera. This allows us to make sure that the pipe is completely cleared of the obstruction. We will flush the line with a unique chemical featuring a combination of natural bacteria and enzymes that assists in the digestion of organic waste located in your home’s drainage system.

If the clog is detected outside the home, it is most likely due to invasive tree roots that have grown through the piping. We have many tools at our disposal to fix this issue, including a drain camera, augers, cabling equipment and hydro jetting.

Our clients frequently ask us if we recommend any over-the-counter drain cleaning chemicals. The truth is, these everyday drain cleaners may do more harm than good. They can cause your pipes to weaken over time, leading to leaks. Our technicians use “safer” tools to clear out your drains, such as augers and specialised snaking equipment that won’t leave your pipes weakened.

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If you have a blocked drain and need cleaning or repair, you know how frustrating it can be. In some cases, many homeowners do not realise that clogged drains can be prevented with basic maintenance!

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